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NUR 3040: Nursing Care of Adults Across the Life Span: Adult Health Nursing Videos

Adult Health System Specific Videos

Prepare and prior plan for Adult Health I topics by watching these videos and integrating what you've read into action!

Preoperative Nursing

Intraoperative Nursing

Postoperative Nursing

Coronary Artery Disorders

Congestive Heart Failure

Peripheral Vascular Disease


Upper Repiratory Disorders

Glandular Hormonal Disorders


Skin Disorders


Blood Administration

Blood Disorders

Nursing Education in Video-- Use your database login!


Here are excellent medsurg nursing videos that Oak Point has just for the Adult Health I class! These videos are as recent as 2012, so click on the links below to view and start incorporating what you have read as a student into becoming a practicing RN!

Infobase Lifespan Videos