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NUR 3040: Nursing Care of Adults Across the Life Span: Tools and Tips for Studying

Adult Health 1 Apps for your Phone!

Here are some very well reviewed apps you can download to your smartphone and start preparing for Adult Health 1 and the Fundamentals ATI!

Medical-Surgical Nursing Exam Prep

Taylor's Fundamentals of Nursing


NursingTabs: MedSurg 

Mneumonics for Adult Health 1

You want more visual aids and mneumonic devices to help you study for Adult Health 1/the Fundamentals ATI? Definitely go to Nurseslab or scroll through these pictures to help!


Memory Notebook of Nursing

Use these books too for helping you memorize introductory and advanced nursing topics in a more visually appealing way! These materials are available for check out, in house library use, and in the ACE center!