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Role Transition: Labor & Delivery (L&D): L&D Patients

Birth Equity and Maternal Mortality

"According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 700 women across the United States (U.S.) die each year as a result of pregnancy-related complications. More than 60% of these deaths are preventable, and non-Hispanic Black women experience pregnancy-related deaths at a rate three times that of Non-Hispanic White women." (AWHONN, 2021)

Below is a document detailing how the SBAR method can be applied to Black patients.



  Black Maternal Health Week is April 11 - 17 

 It is a week of awareness, activism, and community building intended to:

  • Deepen the national conversation about Black maternal health in the US;
  • Amplify community-driven policy, research, and care solutions;
  • Center the voices of Black Mamas, women, families, and stakeholders;
  • Provide a national platform for Black-led entities and efforts on maternal health, birth and reproductive justice; and
  • Enhance community organizing on Black maternal health.

To learn more about Black Maternal Health Week, please visit the Black Mamas Matter website.

Respecting All Birthing Parents and Pregnant People

Image: Kayden Coleman after giving birth to his daughter. (Courtesy of Kayden Coleman)


Resources for LGBTQ Pregnant People & Parents