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Oak Point Library: Resume

Resume FAQs

Question: Should my resume be one page?

Answer: Although one solid page is good for beginning resumes, two pages are becoming more acceptable, provided that you have the experience to support two solid pages. It's important to focus on making sure your resume reflects all of the important components (summary, goals, employment history and experience, skill sets, etc.) and not so much on the length of your document.


Question: Should I send out the same resume to every job I apply for?

Answer: It is very difficult to have one resume that will be suitable for all of the nursing positions you may apply to. It is recommended that you have a general resume that you can customize for different positions. The more you can customize your resume, the better.


Question: There's a job out there that I really want, but I don't think I qualify for it. Should I still apply?

Answer: Yes. If you don't apply for a job, you will never get it. If you do apply for a job, there is still a chance you could be contacted for an interview.


Question: Should I really be meticulous about grammar and spelling errors on my resume?

Answer: Yes. Do not give your potential employers a reason NOT to hire you.


Question: I have internships and volunteer work, but not much employment. Should I list these experiences too?

Answer: Absolutely. Regardless of whether or not your internships were paid, they still gave you an opportunity to develop your skill sets and knowledge. 

Resume Samples

The last document is a walk-through from Johns Hopkins on how to create a nursing resume.

Please also see the document titled Resume Action Words. It's important to have a variety of action words on your resume to show the diversity of your skills and experience.

Resume Books