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Oak Point Library: Interviewing

Interview Tips

  • Be presentable
  • Don't be too early and don’t be late!
  • Know whom you're meeting with for the interview
  • Remember: You are being interviewed as soon as you walk in the door
  • Make proper eye contact
  • Eat before the interview, not during it
  • Don't look at your watch
  • Tell the interviewer you are interested
  • Get business cards from your interviewers -- and use them
  • 10 Ways to blow a job interview without saying a word

Post-Interview: Thank You Card Vs. Email

Your interviews are done! Congratulations! 

Now what? To create a positive final impression, don't forget to follow up your interview with either a thank you card or a thank you email, depending on which you think would be most appropriate for the position.

If the recipient seems more "old school", a card is the most appropriate choice. Sometimes email is more effective, due to the immediacy of when the position is intended to be filled. Making sure you have an exact date or period of time in which you are supposed to hear back about the position can help you determine whether to send a card or email.  Either way, let the person who interviewed you know that you were thankful for the interview.

Phone Interview

If you are scheduled for a phone interview know the purpose of a phone interview: to weed out applicants! 

Preparing for your phone interview is just as important as preparing for the face-to-face interview because if you don't pass the phone interview, you don't get the job. 

Face-to-Face Interview

You have a face-to-face interview? Congratulations!

Start preparing now by looking at this guide to prepare you for those tough nursing job questions!

Interviewing Books