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Oak Point Library: Networking

Preparing Your Elevator Speech PowerPoint

Preparing Your Elevator Speech:

Why nurses need an elevator speech

  • You need to be able to describe:
  • What you do or what you’re interested in doing
  • Sum up a unique aspect of your service or expertise in a way that is attractive to others
  • Make a connection that could result in employment.

Put your best foot forward! Seriously.

Well, you're almost there. But this is where you have to work the hardest. This is the whole point of being in nursing school: to pass the NCLEX and land a job.

Your librarian has personally known several students who were offered jobs before even taking the NCLEX. How? Networking.

Here are a few articles that (albiet, informal) walk nursing students through the art of networking and getting that job offer immediately after school. These are quick articles and you should read them either before you start Role or in the beginning to get the best advice.