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Oak Point Library: EBSCO and Ovid

Quick EBSCO tutorial for Oak Point students!

Not sure how to access or even use EBSCO?
View this tutorial to get a quick walk-through of this database!

Article Hunting

Tips when searching in EBSCO and Ovid


  • Is there a word that could be plural or have different endings, such as nurse (nurse, nurses, nursed, nursing, etc.)? Spell out the beginning of the word and then use the asterisk! It’s the little star on the number 8 of your keyboard. Press Shift + 8 to produce *. This way, if you’re looking for a word that might have multiple endings you can search for all of them like this:



  • undefinedWhen working in EBSCO and Ovid, make sure to set the date range to make sure articles are current. Most professors prefer materials to be from within the last 5 years (since 2015). This will automatically filter your results, saving you time.


  • Any titles that have [brackets] around the title means it’s in another language other than English, so be careful.  


  • Instead of reading an entire article to see if there are specific keywords within the document, press: Ctrl + f. A little box will appear. Put in your word or phrase and press Enter. Everything in that document will highlight with that word or phrase with quick and easy reading. (This hint can work with websites, Word documents, Excel sheets, PDFs and other computer formats.)

Quick Ovid tutorial for Oak Point students!

Not sure how to access or even use Ovid?
View this tutorial for a quick walkthrough of basic searching!



Request Articles You Can't Find!

If you find an article that you like, but we don't have full text access, request access and the library team will find it for you. This is a free service from the library! 

To request articles in EBSCO, you can click on the "Request Access" button for articles that are not full-text:


Put in your information and click "Submit" at the bottom of the page: