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Oak Point Library: Care Plans

Best Care Plan Book!

Care Plan Websites

Click on the links below to view websites that provide care plan examples.


UpToDate: This database will give you everyone from pathophysiology, to current guidelines, and patient education! This is highly recommended for care plans!

Micromedex 2.0- This database includes unbiased, referenced information about drugs, toxicology, diseases, acute care, and alternative medicine you need to make informed clinical diagnosis and treatment decisions.

Micromedex CareNotes- CareNotes provides your patients with complete, easy-to-understand information about all aspects of their care, medications, and health. 


Care Plan Ebooks!

To access the ebooks, use your database login. Contact the library if you forgot the username and password.

Pediatric Nursing Care Plan

Critical Care Nursing Care Plans

Psychiatric Nursing Care Plans

General Care Plan Books

You want more care plan books? We got 'em! These books can be checked out for two weeks, so come and get them!

OB Care Plans