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Oak Point Library: Radiography

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Oak Point Library
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Radiography Quizzes

Here are some quizzes to test your knowledge of radiography and human anatomy!

Human Bones Quiz from Britannica

Anatomy and Physiology Quiz from CliffsNotes

Case Studies Quizzes from Applied Radiology


Radiography Shelves

See something you like?

Request it!


See something you like?

Request it!

Radiography Guides

Are you looking for resources for a particular course? You're in luck! Search all our guides or click here for our Radiography guides!

BSIT Five Semester Progression

Welcome Radiography Students!

Welcome to the guide that is made especially for students pursuing their degree in Radiography at Oak Point University!

This guide offers suggestions of library materials that have been bought for your program so you don't have to sift through the information on your own. This includes databases, ebooks, online resources, and career information.