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Oak Point Library: Rad Tech Boot Camp

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Here are some tutorials for using RadTechBootCamp. Please ask your professor if you have additional questions!

Rad Tech Boot Camp

All Radiography Students are required to purchase Rad Tech Boot Camp

RadTechBootCamp is a learning and review resource that helps radiography students prepare for the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists(ARRT) Certification Exam. 

RadTech has video-lessons, interactive learning tools and Radiography Registry Mock Exams available for Radiography students!

Subjects Covered

Here are some of the subjects that RadTech covers:

  • Radiation Measurements
  • Radiation Protection
  • X-Ray Production
  • X-Ray Interactions with Matter
  • Physics
  • X-Ray Tube & Components
  • X-Ray Circuit
  • Digital Radiography
  • The X-Ray Beam
  • Primary Exposure Factors
  • Advanced Exposure Factors
  • Radiation Biology
  • Image Quality Factors
  • Anatomy & Positioning 
  • Radiosensitivity