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Certified Nursing Assistant Accelerator Program: Mandated Manual Skills

Infobase Nursing on Demand Videos

Infobase Videos 

The Infobase Nursing Videos on Demand collection is designed not only to help nursing students excel in their studies and pass licensure exams, but also to prepare them for long-term job success in an increasingly complex health care system. 

  • Nursing Skills – with titles covering core clinical skills as well as the unique skills needed in emergency and medical-surgical nursing.
  • Patient Care and Interventions – covering the best practices of care for a wide range of conditions and scenarios, including geriatric care, home health nursing, abuse and violence, hospice and palliative care, oncology, psychiatric care, gynecology and obstetrics, pain management, and pediatric and neonatal care.
  • Nursing Foundations – includes videos on anatomy and physiology, diet and nutrition, pharmacology, and lifespan development.
  • Diseases, Disorders, and Disabilities – includes videos on cardiovascular, infectious, and communicable diseases, learning disabilities, and developmental, metabolic and endocrine, respiratory, neurological, and psychiatric disorders.
  • Special Topics in Nursing – covering critical situations that nurses encounter in addition to their core responsibilities, including ethical and legal issues, health and safety for health care providers, management and leadership, and medical research and advances.

Mandated Manual Skills - Infobase

Mandated Manual Skills

The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) requires CNAs to complete a Manual Skills performance test. Here are the 21 manual skills that are required to master in order to obtain a Nursing Assistant certificate.


1. Wash Hands

Hand Hygiene


2.  Perform Oral Hygiene

Oral Hygiene


3. Shave a Resident

-Facial Shaving


4.  Perform Nail Care

Nail and Foot Care


5. Perform Perineal Care

 -Perineal Care - Male

Perineal Care - Female


6. Give Partial Bath

Complete or Partial Bath


7. Give Shower or Tub Bath

 - Shower or Tub Bath


8. Make an Occupied Bed

Make an Occupied Bed


9. Dress a Resident

Bathe and Dress a Patient


10.  Transfer Resident to Wheelchair Using a Transfer Belt

Transfer resident to wheelchair using a transfer belt


11. Transfer Using Mechanical Lift

Transfer Technique: Using Mechanical Lifting Device


12. Ambulate with Transfer Belt

Transfer a Patient using a Transfer Belt 


13. Feed A Resident

Feeding Assistance


14. Calculate Intake and Output

Calculate Intake and Output


15. Place Resident in a Side-Lying Position

Assisting With Moving a Patient in Bed

Assisting With Positioning a Patient in Bed


16. Perform Passive Range of Motion

Range of Motion Exercises


17. Apply and Remove Personal Protective Equipment

Using Personal Protective Equipment and Isolation Precautions


18. Measure and Record Temperature, Pulse and Respiration

Measure & record temperature

Taking Pulse

Assessing Respirations


19. Measure and Record Blood Pressure

Measuring and Recording Blood Pressure 1 Step Process

Measuring and Recording Blood Pressure 2 Step Process


20. Measure and Record Weight

21.  Measure and Record Height

-  Measuring Height and Weight

Elsevier Clinical Skills Access and Brief Tutorial-- Use your database login!

Elsevier Clinical Skills Videos 

Oak Point has access to Elsevier Clinical Skills Videos where nursing students and faculty can watch at anytime to brush up on clinical skills. ECS has TONS of demos that you can view on campus and at home too! Elsevier Clinical Skills can help in the following areas:

  • 1,200 evidence-based skills and procedures
  • quick sheet summaries
  • in-depth descriptions with rationales
  • checklists
  • supply lists
  • competency tests for immediate feedback
  • videos
  • animated demonstrations
  • illustrations

Clinical Skills

Elsevier Clinical Skills: This database offers educators and staff convenient online access to evidence-based skills and procedures Content has been adapted from authoritative resources with insight from leading nursing societies, and is continuously updated to reflect the latest in evidence-based practice. Use your database login to access this on campus or at home.

Ambulatory Aids

Injury Assessment

Patient Care

Communication and Patient Issues

Blood Monitoring

Compression Devices

IV Therapy

Isolation Precautions

Measuring Intake and Output

Pre and Post Operative Care

Injury Assessment and Care

Pulse Measurement

Specimen Collection

End of Life Care



Vital Signs

Wound Care