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Faculty Resources: Zotero

Why Zotero

Why we recommend Zotero

Zotero [zoh-TAIR-oh] is a free, open sourced citation manager that helps you collect, manage, and cite sources. Features include:

  • Web version of your Zotero library
  • Computer software available for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems to store your Zotero library
  • A browser connector that automatically recognizes sources and, with a click of a button, grabs citation information from sources
  • Collects citation information from article databases, book catalogs, webpages, PDF files and more
  • Formats in-text citations and works cited pages in numerous styles including MLA, APA, and Chicago
  • Multiple options for organizing sources including tagging and folder systems
  • Options for collaborating and sharing your Zotero library with others

Zotero can collect and organize your citations for upcoming articles, conference presentations, and other research projects you may be working on. It has a built in feature that, with a click of a button, will grab citation information from a source you are viewing. The information it grabs includes author, title, publication title, publication date, and page range. It can also grab extra information, like the date you viewed the source, when needed. All your citations are collected and organized in your own personal Zotero library - no more searching your computer, email, or documents for a list of resources you collected. 


Zotero consists of four things. 

  1. Zotero online account
  2. Zotero desktop application
  3. Web browser extension
  4. Syncing of online and desktop

Visit the Zotero homepage for instructions.

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