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New Oak Point BSN Student Guide: FAQs

You will hear that the first two terms are the hardest. That's why this guide has been created to help you ease into nursing school and become the best student possible!

Common questions you might ask the librarian during your first term


Q: Can I eat in the Library?

A: Yes! But if you spill it, please clean it up.

Q: Where do I find Professor Such and Such?

A: Workers at the main library desk can help you locate specific professors, IT, Computer lab, Sim lab, phone numbers and email. All staff and faculty members have this contact list. Don’t feel shy. Just ask.

Q: Can I check out more than one book?

A: Yes! You can check out as many books as you can carry. You can only check out books if previously checked out books are not late.

Q: Can I take a Required Textbook book out of the Library?

A: Only into the lounge. Since the library staff holds your ID hostage, we know how to track you down if books are not returned. Mwahahaha.

Q: I forgot my password to ____/I can’t access my ______ account. Can you help?

A: Unfortunately, no. Library staff members do not have access to those accounts. The IT department is next door to the library. This is where you need to go.

Q: How do I get an ATI book?

A: Two ways: All ATI books are accessible online via the ATI testing website or available for download on every course guide that has an ATI. Go here to view the tutorial! The second way is to come to the library and check out a copy from the circulation collection. There are only a few copies of each book.

Q: When do ATIs start?

A: At the end of your second term. Look at the table to see which classes have ATI exams.

Q: Why can’t print this PowerPoint from Brightspace?

A: Because you have to download it to the computer first. Download it anywhere on the computer, then open the file. Then click the “Enable Editing” button. Now you can print. 

Q: Can I print double sided?

A: Yes! The library printer does print double sided.

Q: Do I have to reserve the Silent Area to use it?

A: No. Just go on in, but please be silent. No food and no talking, please.

Q: A student is being loud and I’m having a hard time concentrating. Can you help?

A: Absolutely! Library staff members have no problem reminding people that they need to be quiet.

Q: I got an awful grade on my test. What do I do?!

A: Library staff members locate better materials to explain your subject matter, but you should definitely go see Bonnie for tutoring help and utilize the peer tutors as well! Peer tutors have been through the same program as you and they know all the tricks of the trade to successfully pass your class! That's why they were hired as peer tutors.

Q: Does the library have remote printing?

A: Unfortunately, no. If the computers are all taken, (and you ask nicely) a library staff member might print something out for you if that’s what you need.

Q: How much does printing cost?

A: It's free!! Woo! But don't print out ATI books or other books. That's our only big printing rule because it's a copyright violation (aka the law).

Q: I need to go somewhere quickly (bathroom/cafeteria) and I don’t want to bring all of my stuff with me. Can you watch it for me?

A: Yes, but you have to bring it to the library main desk if it’s not in a library staff member's line of vision.

Q: Where’s the lost and found?

A: The main desk at the front of the building when you enter. If items are lost in the library, at the end of the day, they are turned into the main desk at the front of the building.

Q: The library is packed and the lounge is too noisy. Can I study somewhere else?

A: Yes! There are quiet study rooms reserved Monday-Friday. A list of the rooms can be found by the elevators on floors 6, 7, and 8.