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New Oak Point BSN Student Guide: Secured Printing

You will hear that the first two terms are the hardest. That's why this guide has been created to help you ease into nursing school and become the best student possible!

Secure Printing in the Library

Why does Oak Point have secured printing?

1.       It reduces massive paper waste that occured in the library in previous terms, saving trees, money, and toner! (thus minimizing tuition waste!)

2.       If you send a job to the printer when a bunch of people are printing out notes and you don’t have time to wait for your job, come back to the library (within 48 hours) and retrieve your job on your own time!

3.       Never worry about your print job “disappearing”! There is no need to print things out more than once!


The Secure Print system allows you to secure a print job in the properties/preference tab by designating a 4 digit print code before sending it to the printer.  Once you are at any printer/copier/scanner, on the network, you can enter the 4 digit code and release the print job.  We recommend using your birthday!

To Send a Print Job in the Library

To send a secure print job:

1.     Open the file to be printed, and then select Print from the file menu. The print window will be displayed.

2.     RSULIB01 should already be hooked up, and click Preferences or Properties. The preferences or properties window will be displayed.

3.     Click on Paper / Output.

4.     Select Secure Print from the Job Type menu.

5.     Enter a 4- to 10-digit Secure Print Passcode. (Use your birthdate)

6.     Enter the code again in the Confirm Passcode field.

7.     Click OK.

8.     Make any other required selections, and then click OK twice to send the print job.

9.   Click on Print and go to the printer when you are ready to retrieve all of your jobs.

To Retrieve a Print Job in the Library

To release and print a secure print job:

1.     Go to the printer in the library

2.     Press the Job Status button on the Control Panel.

3.     Select the Secure Print Job in the print queue list on the touch screen.

4.    Use the numeric keypad on the Control Panel to enter the passcode you created.

5.     Select Release Job.