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New Oak Point BSN Student Guide: ATI Ebooks + Info

You will hear that the first two terms are the hardest. That's why this guide has been created to help you ease into nursing school and become the best student possible!

View ATI ebooks online anytime!

As soon as you have your TEAS username and password, you can access the ATI ebooks by going to the ATI testing website. These books are going to be one of your most valuable resources here at Oak Point to prepare for the NCLEX-RN exam, so make sure you take advantage of these materials!

Oak Point Graduates will have ATI access for 1 full year after graduation as well as Board Vitals for 3 months.

Download the ebooks if you are unable to download the ebooks from the ATI Student Portal.

When do you have ATIs?

These are the courses that require you to pass ATIs at the end of the term:

Required Courses for the BSN Program Do you have an ATI?
NUR 3140 Pathophysiologic Mechanisms NO
NUR 3141 Foundations of Nursing Practice NO
NUR 3233 Health Assessment  NO
NUR 3240 Pharmacotherapeutics in Nursing Pharmacology ATI 
NUR 3241 Adult Health Nursing I Fundamentals ATI 
NUR 4225 Pediatric Health Nursing Nursing Care of Children ATI
NUR 4242 Ethics in Nursing NO
NUR 4145 Community Health Nursing Community Health ATI 
NUR 4440 Research in Nursing NO
NUR 4445 Mental Health Nursing Mental Health ATI 
NUR 4540 Gerontological Health Nursing NO
NUR 4545 Women & Newborn Health Nursing Maternal-Newborn ATI 
NUR 4640 Leadership and Management in Nursing Leadership and Management ATI 
NUR 4641 Adult Health Nursing II Adult Medical Surgical ATI 
NUR 4642 Professional Role Transition Comprehensive ATI--NCLEX Score Predictor
NUR 4910 Nursing Electives or Service Learning NO ATIS for Electives

Select "All that Apply"

ATIs start week 5 of each Term!

You will be only halfway through your ATI book in class at that point, so start studying your ATI book early, so you feel prepared when ATI week occurs!

What are ATIs?

ATI Nursing Education began with the help of a nurse and many nurses are a valued part of our company today. We also have a real understanding for what it takes to pass high stakes tests. We boast a team of people (graduate degreed psychometricians) who specialize in tests.

 To view the ATI Policy, go here!

You will have ATI exams for many BSN courses here at Oak Point. Download the attachment below to understand the recommended passing scores and the levels of proficiency definitions. Passing the ATIs = the likelihood of passing the NCLEX--the whole point of going to nursing school.