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NUR 4025: Nursing Care of the Childbearing Family: OB Media Resources from the ATI Student Portal

Using Media Resources in the ATI Student Portal

When starting to read your ATI book, the ATI Student Portal has TONS of media resources (videos and images) that coorespond with your chapters to help you understand the materials. If there is a chapter that has a media resource, definitely view the resource before and after reading the chapter to stimulate auditory and visual learning alongside reading comprehension. This will help you understand the materials on a deeper level, better preparing you for the ATI.

The view the list of media resources associated with the OB ATI, look at the chart below. 

To access these resources:

  1. Go to the ATI Student Portal
  2. Click on My ATI Tab on top
  3. Select the Ebook Box: RN Review Modules
  4. Scroll down to Maternal Newborn Nursing
  5. Click on the blue Media Resources box to the right of the to Maternal Newborn Nursing ebook
  6. Look for the resource you want--make sure your computer is updated with the most recent flash player to watch the videos.

ATI Maternal Newborn Nursing Chapter

ATI Media Resource

1. Contraception

Bilateral Tubal Ligation (Image)

Vasectomy (Image)

4. Prenatal Care

Measuring Fundal Height (Video)

Danger Signs of Pregnancy (Video)

6. Assessment of Fetal Well-Being

Reactive NST (Image)

Positive CST (Image)

7. Bleeding During Pregnancy

Placenta Previa (Image)

Abruptio Placenta (Image)

11. Labor and Delivery Process

Contraction Pattern (Image)

Stages of Labor (Video)

Schultze and Dirty Duncan Placenta (Images)

12. Pain Management

Epidural Catheter Placement (Video)

13. Fetal Assessment During Labor

Leopold Maneuvers (Video)

Early Decelerations (Image)

Late Decelerations (Image)

Variable Decelerations (Image)

Minimal Variability (Image)

16. Complications Related to the Labor Process

Prolapsed Cord (Image)

17. Postpartum Physiological Adaptations

Postpartum Assessment (Video)

Fundal Height (Image)

Vaginal Bleeding (Images)

21. Postpartum Infections

Mastitis (Image)

23. Newborn Assessment

Apgar Scoring (Video)

Gestational Age Assessment (Video)

Caput Succedaneum (Image)

Cephalohematoma (Image)

25. Newborn Nutrition

Breastfeeding Techniques (Images)