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NRG 5000: Theoretical Foundations of Nursing Practice Guide: Walker and Avant

Walker and Avant Model

Two of your assignments are dependent on this theory and table, so make sure you understand it!

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This video is intended for auditory and visual learners.

Paper Breakdown Based on Rubric


  • Historical context of the theory 
  • Scope: Level of Abstraction 

Theory Analysis (Presentation of diagram of the model if available (Check google images))  

  • Context: Metaparadigm Concepts and Propositions 
  • Context: Philosophy of Science and Philosophical Claims 
  • Content: Phenomena, Concepts, and Propositions 
    • Phenomena 
    • Concepts 
    • Propositions 

Theory Evaluation 

  • Clarity 
  • Simplicity and Complexity 
  • Importance and Significance 
  • Adequacy 
  • Testability 
  • Acceptance 
    • Nursing Practice. 
    • Research. 
    • Education.  
    • Nursing Administration 


Discussion and Conclusion 

There are several methods for theory analysis and evaluation; each has its unique approach and process. Chapter 5 in your textbook (McEwen & Willis, 2014) discusses various formats for theory analysis and evaluation. Box 3-5 on page 108 presents a synthesized method for theory evaluation. Pages 109-112 present an exemplar of this method.

A published theory analysis paper is Fit for practice: Analysis and evaluation of Watson's caring theory. This is a good exemplar of a theory analysis and evaluation. It would be helpful to follow the heading in this article to structure your paper.

Please review in depth the literature about the theory including possible published articles on the analysis and evaluation of the theory you have chosen and include appropriate references. It is important to use primary source. Actual publications by the theorist.