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Radiography Student Guide: Videos

Oak Point Nursing and Educational Videos-- Use your database login!

 Alexander Street Press

Through the Consortium for Academic and Research Libraries of Illinois (CARLI), Oak Point has access to thousands of videos through Alexander Street Press in the topics below for all Oak Point personnel. These videos have been specifically selected for Oak Point students and faculty for educational purposes.

History of Radiography

Over time, the library will do its best to start gathering radiography-related videos. In the meantime, utilizing these anatomy and physiology videos while learning about the history of Radiography will help you get started!

Anatomy and Physiology Videos

The Integumentary System

The Reproductive System

The Digestive System

The Nervous System

The Endocrine System

The Circulatory System

The Respiratory System

The Skeletal System

The Muscular System

The Urinary System