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NUR 3020: Pathophysiology for Nursing Care: Studying Patho

Bonnie's Patho Guide

Bonnie Stesin., M.S., Science and Math Specialist

Bonnie is a fabulous resource for your Pathophysiology class! Absolutely utilize her skills as a tutor for this course!

Her office is located on the 7th floor in the big ACE room.


Number: (773) 252-5354

Download Bonnie's Patho Guide for helpful suggestions to succeeding in Pathophysiology!

Patho Studying Tips!


Pathophysiology is about understanding, not just memorization. Remember that you have Bonnie, the peer tutors, and additional resources from the library (physical and digital) that are on this guide to help you pass your course.

Wonderful Mnemonics!

Believe it or not, but mnemonics are incredibly helpful for Patho! Here are some helpful links:

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