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Other Faculty Resources

In addition to our Faculty Resources Guide, we also have these guides for all faculty:

Welcome to the Library Resources for Oak Point Faculty Guide!

This guide is for Oak Point Faculty members. The guide covers faculty-library related questions, curriculum development suggestions, continuing education, requesting materials, and accessing the library resources. 

If you can't find the information you're looking for or need a literature search conducted by the library team, please contact the library at

How the Library Can Help You!

Can the library research literature requests for me or are they only for the students?

Yes! The librarian would be more than happy to research articles for you! She's one of those weird people that actually likes looking for articles. Call, email, or come in! 

My students need to research an article for my class. How can I help them? 

1) Either have the librarian come into your class to teach your students how to use the databases or provide a quick demo.
2) You can tell your students to go to the library and make an appointment with a librarian. We are more than happy to set aside time and guide students through the databases one-on-one or even as a group.

Can I check out materials from the library?

Yes. Professors can check out materials for a term (unless the material is in high demand)

How can I see what the library has without having to go to the library?

Visit our online catalog by clicking here!

Can I copy a chapter in a book or an article and distribute it to my students or colleagues? 

Yes, as long as you attach the copyright form with your digital or physical duplicate and have it deleted from all online resources after the course has finished. Copyright Form 

Can I donate materials to the library?

Absolutely! The library would be happy to look at your donations and integrate them into the collection based on subject, publication date, and condition. 

If there's a book I want available in the library, but it's not for my class, can I suggest a purchase?

Yep! Let us know.

What is this "Free Cart" in the library?

The Free Cart at the front of the library is a newly developed area where donated materials that do not fit in the collection and materials that have been weeded from the current collection go to find new homes with Presence Health employees, Oak Point students, faculty, and staff. When a material has been placed on the Free Cart, but has not found a new home within a month, the material is discarded accordingly.

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Chronicle of Higher Education

Did you know we have online access to The Chronicle of Higher Education? Contact the library if you are interested in receiving issues!

Brightspace and Emails

Fair Use and the TEACH Act allow copyrighted material to be in Brightspace courses as long as the course  is restricted to access only by students and faculty of that particular class and when the class finishes, students no longer have access. 

When emailing copyrighted materials make sure the copyright statement is either included in the email or the PDF below is attached. 

Copyright Statement