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Welcome to Nutrition

Welcome to the informative guide for Nutrition for Nurses

This guide provides additional books, specific journal selections, videos and other resources to help you pass your course with (hopefully!) flying colors! 

Nutrition and Nurses

Healthy food choices are vital to preventing illness, particularly chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. Nurses work in a variety of healthcare settings, not just hospitals. While nurses in hospitals may focus more on the dietary concerns of patients recovering from illnesses, community nurses focus more on prevention. Nurses who work at schools or community centers can often provide nutritional education to the public to prevent chronic conditions.

Nutrition and Patient Care

All nurses who provide patient care are responsible for addressing patients' nutritional needs. This can take many forms: from conducting nutrition screening and performing nutrition assessment and interventions to providing mealtime assistance, nutrition support or dietary therapies, and more.

The books on the subject shelves are our most popular and useful books for each of the core classes at Oak Point.

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