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Oak Point Library: DNP Project

DNP Projects



Below are the submitted works of Oak Point University DNP graduates. This webpage provides free and open access to the DNP Projects, as these documents have been accepted for inclusion in the College of Nursing and College of Health Sciences DNP Project Repository.  

The post-master's and the post-baccalaureate DNP student, who begins their doctoral programs with different education and practice background, should graduate with the same comprehensive skill set as delineated in the DNP Essentials. Although the DNP skill set represents new learning for all students pursuing the practice doctorate, the scope and impact of DNP Projects can differ greatly since some are undertaken by post-baccalaureate students and others by experience nurses in post-master's program. 

The final scholarly project should be called DNP Project to avoid confusion with the term capstone, which is used at varying levels of education, as identified by the National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties. The DNP Project is not a research dissertation; therefore, this term should not be used.


Class of August 2022 DNP Project Submissions

Class of August 2021 DNP Project Submissions

Class of 2019 and 2020 DNP Project Submissions