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NUR 4510: Transition to Professional Nursing Practice: Registering for the NCLEX

Registering for the NCLEX

These are the steps that you need to take to register for the NCLEX in Illinois

Here is a wonderful list of FAQs that can also help you sign up and prepare for the NCLEX. Please see the attachments below:


Please note: Before filling out anything, keep in mind the name that you have on all of the documents to sign up for the NCLEX must MATCH the name on the form of identification you intend to use for the exam. Possible forms of identification are:

  • Passport books and cards 
  • Driver’s license 
  • Provincial/Territorial or state identification card 
  • Permanent residence card 
  • Military identification card

1)      To register for the NCLEX in the State of Illinois (Continental Testing Services), click here

1.5)     Before applying for the Illinois 041 – Registered Professional Nurse (RN) Examination, you MUST READ the:  Procedure for the Illinois 041 – Registered Professional Nurse (RN) Examination

2)      Read the information and click on "Apply for Exam" at the bottom of the page.

3)      Enter your Information and it will be transferred to a form. Save, email, and print out the application.

4)      Set up an account a PearsonVue. Pay $200 via credit card or pre-paid card to sign up for the NCLEX. (You may have the option to pay the $98 for Continental Testing in this step too--if so, keep the receipt and make copies for step 10!) Creating an account now makes it easier when you get the Authorization to Test (ATT) by email

5)      Get fingerprinted: go here for various Illinois locations. *Tell them you need fingerprints to get licensed to take your NCLEX/Nursing test. When you pick your location, call to verify they are open and provide the service for NCLEX visitors. The people at the center should know. Approximate cost: $60. This step must be completed within 60 days before your NCLEX application is submitted--if your finger printing is beyond 60 days after your NCLEX application is submitted, you will need to redo this step. Keep your receipt for step 10!  Yes, you need to get finger printed again if you are an LPN!

7)      FOR ENVELOPE: Print out the application you filled out in step one, fingerprint receipt, and a check for $98 made out to Continental Testing (if you did not pay for this in step 1) in an envelope. If you did pay for Continental Testing online, you do not need to include the receipt. They will have that on file.

8)      Send envelope to:
Continental Testing Services, Inc.
P.O. Box 100
LaGrange, Illinois 60525-0100

9)      Mail envelope—put tracking on the envelope to ensure delivery! (charges vary)

10)      Wait for your Authorization to Test (ATT) in your email. Depending on the postage rate you purchased, it can be as fast as 3 business days, but could take longer. Questions about your ATT? Go here.

11)      Once you receive the ATT email, sign up to take the NCLEX exam on PearsonVue: scroll down for instructions under "scheduling", selecting at least 5-6 dates you would like to sit for the exam (in case dates are filled up--You must test within the validity dates, an average of 90 days, on the ATT). The earlier the dates, the better! This will motivate you to create a strict preparation schedule and study hard. Not sure how to study for the NCLEX? Go here.

Approximate cost for registering for the NCLEX: ~$365 View this page for additional answers regarding fees, cancellations, etc.

Click here for more information about:
- The DAY OF your NCLEX
- Where to get results
- Registering your license
- Retaking the NCLEX