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Student Affairs Department: Home

Welcome to the Student Affairs Department!

Welcome to Oak Point University! We are so happy you chose to continue your education with us! This libguide should answer FAQs of the Student Affairs Department, including information about the Student Development, Student Life, and the Professional Library.

Student Affairs Staff Members:

Erin Bell, M.L.I.S. - Library Manager

Eric Hernandez, B.A.- Director of Student Life

Zach Selby, PhD - Library Assistant

Susan Siokos, Ed.D., L.C.P.C., B.C. - T.M.H. - Personal Counselor

Bonnie Stesin, M.S.- Science and Math Academic Support Specialist

Kerry Wade, M.S.c. - Librarian

Samantha Westby, M.S.- Evening &Weekend Student Life Coordinator